THE Statistics on bullying ..... a snap shot of a reality that is so painful for many Australian students in high school and primary school.

1 in 4 students (27%) reported being bullied from primary school to high school. (Australian Covert Bullying Prevention Study (ACBPS).

Cyber bullying statistics are much higher with 64% of females  from years 6 to 12 reporting being cyber bullied in Australia. 

A report form the University of New South Wales reviewed existing research and found that 1 in 5 Australians aged 8-17 experiences cyber bullying EVERY YEAR. 


Children as young as three can become victims of bullying. 


Girls are much more likely than boys to be victims of both cyber and traditional bullying, says a recent Murdoch Children’s research Institute study. 


Students who are bullied are 3 times more likely to show signs of anxiety and depression and 9 times more likely to attempt suicide or have suicidal thoughts.