When a school joins the Kindness On Purpose Movement by becoming a Kindness On Purpose school they receive up to 3 years intensive training, consultation and support to imbed a series of research based, neuroscience driven practice skills into their pedagogy and school culture.



Early Childhood



Increased empathy + increased emotional literacy =

  1. increased prosocial behaviour

  2. lower rates of bullying

  3. better educational outcomes

  4. lower rates of depression and anxiety



KINDNESS ON PURPOSE offers a research into practice pedagogy

with clinical grit that can make a big difference in your school

21stCentury learning is recognising the essential link between learning, positive behaviour and wellbeing. Programs that focus upon positive behaviour are excellent and work at the behavioural level. 

 Kindness On Purpose provides educators with the knowledge and strategies to work with students at the level that rests just underneath the behaviour - working with the neuroscience and relational dynamics that underpin each students behaviour.

Kindness On Purpose has been described as “the missing link” by educators, as it recognises that to support students to make positive behavioural choices and achieve academically we need to work with students with an understanding of how the brain works (neuroscience), how students become disconnected from empathy and then in turn, what we can do as educators to support students to increase their sense of empathy and practice emotional self regulation. 

Kindness On Purpose offers schools direct strategies at the whole school, classroom, and individual level to support students to increase empathy and therefore achieve increased levels of prosocial behaviour, decrease anxiety and depression, decreased rates of bullying and increase educational outcomes. 

Kindness On Purpose provides educators with knowledge and key strategies to develop emotional literacy, emotional intelligence and behavioural strategies for the whole school as well as individual students who are struggling to consistently demonstrate empathy toward others or toward themselves.  

When a school becomes a Kindness On Purpose school, not only are they imbedding a series of research based, neuroscience driven practice skills into their pedagogy and school culture; they are joining the Kindness On Purpose Movement. 


  • Increased prosocial behaviour




  • Better educational outcomes 



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photography by  Elizabeth Allnutt

photography by Elizabeth Allnutt


Katrina Cavanough MAASW BSWBSocSc is the CEO and Founder of Kindness On Purpose EDUCATION and Engage On Purpose CORPORATE.

Kindness On Purpose is an in school empathy based program that reduces bullying and increases emotional literacy and learning outcomes.

Engage On Purpose offers services to the corporate sector focusing on emerging trends into the way the brain and behaviour determine employee experience, leadership engagement and empathic customer care.

Katrina Cavanough has worked extensively in the media. She is a coach on Balance By Deborah Hutton and is described as an architect of change on MariaShriver.com. She is a published author with Allen and Unwin, and has contributed to Simple Reminders - inspiration for living your best life with Bryant McGill; which became a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Katrina's relaxation meditations for children from the Kindness On Purpose program are featured on the BBDH channel on Virgin airlines In flight entertainment and her Meditation CD for children - Happy Little Hearts is distributed internationally.

Katrina has been featured on national TV, national and international radio (SeriusXM, Hay House Radio, Voice America, OM Times Radio, 2DayFM’s, MIX106.5FM) as well as in various print and online media.

With over 22 years experience, Katrina is a management coach and clinical consultant in her field. She is an accredited mental health care social worker who is eligible to provide care under the Australian Medicare Scheme with a GP referral.

Katrina holds two university degrees (BSWBSocSc) in the field of relationships and human behavior. Katrina has worked as a Relationship Therapist, Child & Family Therapist, and Drug & Alcohol Clinician. She has worked as the Service Manager of a Forensic Drug & Alcohol Program and as a front-line social worker in a busy emergency department. These years of services have given her expertise with relationships, psychological trauma, death and grief.