NSW Education and other states are seeking a NEW way to address bullying.

When NSW Education and the Federal government decided to shift away from the #SafeSchool program; a need was created to find a program that helps students and schools to effectively address the issue of bullying in their school community.

Whilst I don't have an opinion one way or the other about #safeschools, I do care a lot about the short term and long term impact of bullying on students' mental health and educational outcomes. I also care about the effects that bullying has upon educators as they face up to dealing with this behaviour each school day. 

Kindness On Purpose - a NEW anti bullying empathy based program  - is already in 8 NSW Dept of Education schools and rolling out nationally.

 Inschool anti-bullying program Kindness On Purpose is supported by Australian celebrities Brad Freddy Fittler and Erin Molan.  

8 NSW Department of Education schools have said YES to a new landmark bullying program that uses increasing empathy, emotional intelligence and social skills to address bullying and related mental health issues for children and adolescents. 

Brad Freddy Fittler and Erin Molan have leant their voice to support the Kindness ON Purpose program and associated social media campaign.

Kindness On Purpose is a researched based clinical program that works with the whole school community as well as individuals who are struggling with empathy towards others and themselves. The program uses kindness as the access point to empathy and it has even developed drawing upon 22 years in clinical practice. 

Kindness On Purpose is rolling out nationally in 2017. Co-incidentally this is at the same time that NSW Education and other states are looking for a better response to address bullying in schools.

Feedback from current KOP schools; indicate Principals and teachers are seeing the positive results in their schools and are describing the program as the mortar that holds the bricks (some of the current initiates) together. "This is the missing link that we have been all looking for." is a common statement made. 


“The issue with many current programs is that they are great programs but they address the behaviour rather than the cause of bullying. When you fix the cause that’s when you achieve both short term and long term change” CEO and Founder of Kindness On Purpose Katrina Cavanough said.


NSW Education are looking for a better way to effectively create a safe environment; free from bullying and Kindness On Purpose is helping schools to make that change. Kindness On Purpose is a simple yet effective program that is getting results. 



Katrina Cavanough